Scratched Bread

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Scratched Bread

In 2002 the Beckett’s purchased the bakery from a relative of the Bailey family, a family famous in Midland for years for their homemade baked goods. But baking bread has been in Dave Beckett’s family dating back generations to his Great Grandfather Harry Foss of Clare, Michigan and his Great, Great Grandfather Frank Voss in Germany. No that is not a typo. The story is that when the Voss’s arrived in North America the immigration officer wrote Foss instead of Voss, interpreting the German pronouncing of a V as an F.

Taste the Difference

When you hear people talk about their favorite sandwich, it almost always starts with the foundation…the bread. Your customers can see and taste the difference. Convenience and cost has driven them to manufacture breads, not taste; so when they see and bite into a Scratched™ sandwich their senses explode with memories.

Our Family Recipe

What makes Scratched Bread different? Each small batch is hand scaled to allow the character of the dough to reveal its wonderful flavor. Making bread is not unlike the art of making a fine wine. Although ingredients may be similar, the differences are found in the minerals in the water, the environment in which it is made and most importantly the technique developed over generations.

Fresh & Delicious Bread

The secret to delicious bread is to not kill the flavor with additives. By making our breads by hand, we eliminate most of the preservatives. Our breads are made from scratch and delivered to you fresh from the oven. Your customers will love the distinctive taste of each variety.

Great Prices

Quality shouldn’t cost you more, and our prices are lower than other food wholesalers. We offer the most value of any bakery, and we offer incredible cost savings delivered to your restaurant. Your customers will turn into regulars after they try our breads.

Contact our wholesale bakery in Midland, Michigan, to order breads baked from our family’s recipes.